Emitz.com-Milking Cookies

Milking Cookies

If you check this box to remember your username and password, we will set what's called a "cookie" (don't ask why they're called this - we don't know!) on your computer to enable this function. Cookies are small pieces of information that we send to your computer to "keep" until it's time for our website's server to read it. This cookie is safely stored on your computer because it comes with instructions that allow only eMitz.com see or read the information. So when you save your username and password, and come back to visit eMitz.com, we will look for a cookie on your machine, see that it's you, and log you in.

If you choose this option, be sure that the computer you are using is private to you. If you choose this option and visit us from a computer you have not used before, we will ask you to log in with your username and password, as we are setting a cookie only on the machine on which you chose this option. Be sure not to choose this option on a public computer for your own privacy.