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Q: Is there a way to have only a few kosher meals at the party? I don't think I can afford an all-kosher party.

A: First, your question is based on an assumption that may not be true: our experience is that kosher caterers are not always pricier than non-. We suggest checking our Vendor Directory to see if there are moderately priced options in your area. That said, most non-kosher caterers will partner with a kosher one to provide meals for your kosher guests. They way it works is, the kosher caterer will bring in her own china, glassware and silverware and serve the guests separately from the others. She may also bring in aluminum pans, heated with Sterno containers, to warm or heat the dishes that need it. And just so no one goes hungry during the cocktail hour, she can create a separate table or station, filled with kosher hors d’oeuvres, again served on kosher platters and bowls. If so, consider placing a small sign on the table that reads “Kosher Only, Please!” This way, the rest of the party goers will know to save the food for those who need it.