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Q: Even though we're not kosher, I’m thinking a kosher reception might be a nice touch (and thrill my parents and in-laws). But how can I find a kosher caterer that’s up to snuff with the kind of chi-chi, society caterers many of my guests are familiar with?

A: While a few kosher caterers are still focused on Bubbie and Zayde’s Old World recipes -- which were certainly delicious! -- the vast majority either already have or can create menus as swanky and savory as any “society” caterer. We suggest you check out our Vendor Quick Search page, sorting for both your local area and kosher caterers. Pay special attention to which kosher caterers have exclusive vendor contracts at the posher venues or have partnering agreements with highly-regarded non-kosher caterers. Study the Ratings and Reviews pages to read about guests’ and hosts’ first-hand experiences. Then visit the caterers web sites, which you can link to from the Caterers page, to see sample menus and photos of their work. One you have your top two choices, arrange for personal meetings to discuss your ideas and see how you, personally, feel about working with them.