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Q: I don’t keep kosher at home but want our party to reflect Jewish tradition and to respect our many guests who are kosher. How can I tactfully let them know I’m hiring a kosher caterer? It may affect some people’s decision to attend or not.

A: One option is to call your kosher-keeping guests individually to let them know your plans. Most, if not all, will welcome and appreciate your thoughtfulness. Some may ask which organization is charge of the caterer’s rabbinic supervision so be prepared with the answer! (You can ask the caterer or check their listing in our Vendor Quick Search. It’s probably best to make these calls a week or so after you mail the invitations.

A second option is to print a small note about the caterer, with rabbinic supervision information, and include it in the envelopes going only to your kosher guests. (Your note can say something as simple as: "Catering will be provided by Star of David, Supervision by Rabbinic Council of Glendale").

If you've got guests you don't know that well (such as, say, your in-laws' friends) be sure to find who's kosher so you can include the information in their envelopes. A third option, which avoids all the above-described steps, is to simply print the kashrut information on the invitation or, better yet, reception card itself. (And since you asked about being tactful, consider using a small font and tucking the information at the bottom of the invitation or reception reply card.)

We've also been to receptions where the table place cards were imprinted with the caterer's logo and rabbinical supervision information on them. (If your caterer doesn’t have them, you can easily make them up yourself.) This way, when guests pick up their place cards, they’ll know the party is, literally, kosher!