Answers Party 1

Q: My son can’t come up with the names of any girls he wants to have at his party. Yet when I ask him if he wants an all-boy party, he looks at me like I’ve lost my mind (which, frankly, I’m on the verge of doing). Help!

A: Your son is at that perfectly normal stage where his feelings about the general concept of girls is positive while his actual friendship with any specific, living, breathing girls is, in fact, negligible. This is a perfectly normal developmental stage. (So, yes, avoid looking around at the “faster” kids, of which there are always at least a few in 7th grade, and wondering if there’s something wrong with your child.)

What to do about the guest list? You have several options. You can invite his entire class or even his entire grade. This is a safe option that creates that non all-boy party and avoids the challenge of specifically inviting any individual girls. Alternatively, you can tally up all the younger female cousins and children of family friends and reassure him there will still be lots of girls.