Answers Party 3

Q: Our Bar Mitzvah is the last of the season so we’re very anxious about whether the kids are going to go crazy during the party, throwing food, etc. They’ve been to so many Bar and Bat Mitzvah parties already and they’re just bored silly, I’m sure. Any advice?

A: One idea is to try to hire entertainers no one’s used yet. That’s one thing that’ll keep them occupied. One mother we know managed to find a Hacky Sack expert, a genre of entertainer no one else had used. Need ideas? Check our Vendor Quick Search.

In addition to entertainers, food-related activities are another way to keep the kids occupied. We witnessed a wild crowd at one B Mitzvah turn sedate the instant a gargantuan chocolate fountain, surrounded by fruit and, oddly enough, pretzels, was wheeled out.

Should you still fear your efforts at occupying the kids will fall short, you may want to consider designating, in advance, either a willing relative or venue employee to do bouncer duty. Alternatively, you can actually hire a security person to keep an eye on things. The security guard at one Manhattan private school runs just such a side business. Parents hire him because he’s responsible, he’s been vetted by the school and he personally knows the majority of kids attending and who the rowdier ones are. The kids like him because he’s friendly and seemingly “one of them.” Perhaps you, too, can find such a person.