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Q: I’m a Jewish adult who never had a Bar Mitzvah (it’s a long story). Our close friends want me to have an aliyah for their daughter’s Bat Mitzvah (Editor's note: an aliyah is the honor of singing the prayers before and after the reading of the Torah or Haftorah). Am I allowed?

A: Most certainly! If you don't know the prayers, now's a great time to learn them. This site can teach you both the words and the melody to the prayers before and after the readings of the Torah and Haftorah. (To hear the prayers sung, click on the red speaker icon. The prayers are written in Hebrew and, phonetically, in English below.) If you don't think you can learn them, know that many synagogues offer transliterated versions of the prayers, which phonetically spell out the prayers. We've heard people say their aliyot out loud, rather than sing them, but since your friends are giving you this wonderful honor, you might think about taking the time to try to get familiar with, at least, the melody. Good luck!