Bar Bat Mitzvah Video Montage Details

Special Event Montages, a new division of, the web's #1 bar/bat mitzvah site, is excited to start creating your bar bat mitzvah photo video montage.

Step 1:

Step 2: Select Your Photos and Videos
Select your favorites photos and videos from your digital and print collections. (Yes, we're happy to scan your documents and paper photos for FREE!)

Step 3: Arrange Your Photos and Videos
Decide the order you want each of your photos and videos to appear in your montage. Make sure to give each image or clip its own unique name. You can email them to us or copy them onto a DVD in the order you want them to appear. Photos should be in jpg format; videos in avi. Alternatively, when copying onto the DVD, you can place items into folders such as "Growing Up, "Family," "Friends," and let our experienced editors do the arranging. For photos on paper, affix a Post-it to the backs, using a marker, not a pen or pencil, to indicate where you want them inserted.

Step 4: Count Your Items, Make Your Deposit
Count the total number of photos, images and videos then select your package from the Montage Package Options button below. Make only the deposit for your package.



Step 5: Send Us Your Images and Videos
You may email us your jpgs at [email protected] You may send your video files using a free upload site such as If you have paper photos or a DVD of images you wish to send us, please be sure to do so with a company that will give you a tracking number.

Be sure to include a note telling us:
1. Your name, phone, email, and the address you want your DVD montage shipped to. No PO boxes, please.
2. The date of your event.
3. The title, artist and version (if applicable) of the songs you want used. Videos of up to 125 images/clips usually require 2-3 songs. Add 1-2 songs for every 25 extra items. Please note that Special Event Montages complies with all copyright laws, purchasing all songs specifically for your one-time personal use.
4. If you want titles to introduce specific photos or groups of photos and if you want a closing title. Titles can be stationary or can scroll. See examples on the montage linked to at the top of this page.
5. Any other special requests you may have.
6. Which photo you want on the acrylic box's label.

Send your completed package via USPS, FedEx or UPS to:, 325 E. 84th St, Suite 5B, New York, NY, 10028 Attn: Special Event Montages. Please also email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-888-274-6696 notifying us your package is on its way.

Step 6: Enjoy!
We'll confirm your package has arrived. Production begins immediately and your montage should be ready in about 7 business days from date of package receipt. (Rush service available for $50 extra.) We'll post the first cut of your video online on a private page. We'll then incorporate any revisions you may want -- and keep working until you're 100% delighted with the end result. Once you've approved the final cut and made the final payment for your package, we'll ship you two copies of your DVD in a decorative box to use at your party and to treasure afterward. Standard shipping is USPS Priority. Overnight options available; please inquire.

You can e-mail us at [email protected] or call us toll-free, M-F 9-6 EST, at 1-888-274-6696. We look forward to answering all your questions and creating a montage you'll treasure forever.