How to Videos - Bar Mitzvah Centerpieces & Bat Mitzvah Centerpieces

Making a bat bar mitzvah centerpiece may seem daunting but is truly simple once someone shows you how. Below, 23 videos that do just that!

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Making Table Centerpieces: An Introduction

Homemade Centerpieces & Party Themes

Step 1: Cut a Hat

Step 2: Attach Balloons

Step 3: Add Tissue Paper

Step 4: Adjust Tissue Paper

Step 5: Rearrange Tissue Paper

Step 6: Create Symmetry

Step 7: Adding Pizzazz

Step 8: Adding Garland

Step 9: Adding Confetti

Step 9: Adding Foil

Step 10: Adding Party Blowers

Step 11: Adjusting for a Finished Look

Incorporating Party Theme Elements

More on Incorporating Party Theme Elements

Adding Flags

Adding Animal Balloons

Just for Inspiration: St. Patrick's Day Centerpiece Idea
(Yes, we know St. Patrick probably didn't have a Bar Mitzvah)

Adding Balloons to the St. Patrick's Centerpiece

Finishing Touches to the St. Patrick's Centerpiece

A Small, Simple Centerpiece of Balloons and a Party Hat

More on Adding Balloons