Hotel Gift Baskets

Blocking hotel rooms for your out-of-town guests? Then consider this time-honored, popular tradition: placing a welcome basket in each guest's room. After all, your out-of-towners have travelled far, are likely to be tired and hungry, and will be without their own kitchens during the time they're visiting. This makes baskets filled with juicy fruit, bottled water and snacks useful, gracious and highly appreciated.

We always love the personalized notes tucked into these baskets, too. There we are, fresh from the airport, dusty and exhausted, maybe even jet-lagged, but those loving, enthusiastic notes from the hostess and/or B Mitzvah tween always cheer us right up (of course, the drinks and snacks don't hurt either). Even better: notes with tourist information to help keep busy during free time. (Alex R. Thomas & Co)

Once you know exactly how many guests are staying in the hotel, you can shop for, assemble and deliver your own welcome bags or ask a trusted friend to help. The biggest problem, however, is that between last-minute cancellations and changes in housing arrangements, you often don't know until a few days before the event how many guests you need bags for. Another is that you have to figure out how to transport all the carefully-arranged bags to the hotel yourself the day your guests arrive. Which, of course, is also the day you're frantically trying to complete ten other items on your To Do List.

To avoid this sure-fire recipe for MitzvahMom Meltdown, we suggest you go pro -- simply order your gift baskets online. You can place the order as little as one day in advance and have them delivered straight to your guests' hotel rooms. And while you're certainly free to overspend on these baskets, we don't think you need to! Check out eMitz's selection of terrific, reasonably priced welcome baskets.