Gift registry

While gift registries are common for weddings, they're not so for bar mitzvahs. One reason is the long-standing tradition of giving the bat mitzvah child a check or savings bond. A second reason is that many guests are stumped, frankly, about finding a gift that both reflects the spirituality of the event and appeals to a 20th-century tween.

If you'd like to give a gift that's more personal and memorable than money, know that most families, even a few years after their children's bar mitzvahs, vividly recall the concrete, physical gifts their children received -- but almost never remember who wrote a check for what amount.

First, check our gift registry to see if your B Mitzvah host has registered. Note: this feature is coming soon.

Then, check the selection of great gift ideas. They're cool, artistic, fun and hand-selected by our team of tween and parent style editors.

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While some guests will be thrilled to learn you've created a gift registry, know that they're tricky to handle -- and etiquette landmines abound. Foremost, there's the "tacky factor." The last thing families want to do is create the impression they're asking for gifts. We recommend you wait for guests to ask if your child wants anything in particular. That's the time to mention your gift registry.

Another idea is to connect your gift registry with your mitzvah project. The idea is to speak to someone at the charity you're supporting and ask what items they need. Then, you can list those items on your registry. And feel perfectly comfortable about telling people about it, either verbally or on a separate card as part of your invitation. So, for instance, if your project involves supporting an animal shelter, you might learn from the shelter that what they need most is dog, cat and bird food. As well as soft bedding supplies. Great! That's what your register for. To create your registry, click here.