Using Hebrew When Wording Your Bat and Bar Mitzvah Invitations

One way families incorporate Hebrew into their invitation is by placing the letters Bet and Hey (short for "Baruch Hashem" or "Blessed is God") in the upper right hand corner of the invitation. Other insert the letters Bet, Samech, Daled. These stand for the Aramaic, rather than Hebrew, phrase "B'siyata D'shamaya," which means "with the help of Heaven." What's the advantage of Aramaic? As the late, renowned Talmudic scholar Rabbi Yaakov Kanievsky explained, "Many people use the Aramaic expression instead of the Hebrew because it avoids writing one of the letters of Hashem's holy name (Hey) on something which might be thrown out."

A second way to incorporate Hebrew on your B Mitzvah invitation is by placing your child's Hebrew or, less commonly, Yiddish name, in Hebrew font, just below her English name.

A third way is to include the name of the child's Torah portion, again in Hebrew font. We've seen it inserted in a variety of places, such as between the time and location as well as after the phrase "Is called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah."

MITZ TIPZ makes it incredibly simple to incorporate Hebrew into your invitation. They've got a Hebrew Helper system and a whopping 49 stylish Hebrew fonts! See how easy it can be by selecting any invitation, clicking "Personalize The Text," then "Line-by-Line Adjustments" then hitting the [Add/Edit Hebrew] link. Try it here!