Great Jewish Melodies for the Celebration

When it comes to music that fuels your party's Jewish/ Israeli dancing set, you can't go wrong with these songs:

1. Hava Nagila

2. Siman Tov

3. Hevenu Shalom Aleychem

4. Artza Alinu

5. Sisu Et V'rushalayim

6. Zemer Atik

7. Mayim

To find the ones you like best, we suggest visiting a Jewish music site like and plugging the name of each song into the search function. In many cases, you get to sample several artists' versions. (For Hava Nagila, for instance, there's a disco-y, synthesizer-laden version, another with a spirited horn section, a third by the London Festival Orchestra and Chorus!) Click on the black arrow to hear each version, then jot down your favorites. Then....

If you're hiring a band for your party: Most bands already have the sheet music or can learn the song by listening to these audio clips. They can also buy the sheet music at or elsewhere.

If you're hiring a DJ for your party: talk with your DJ about the best way to incorporate the versions of the songs you've selected. You have several options. You can give him the list and let him figure out what to do. Or you or he can buy the MP3s (computerized files) of the individual songs you like and download them onto his or your iPod. We do suggest burning a CD of your purchases as a backup and bringing both to the party.