Making It Meaningful: Planning Bat Bar Mitzvah Parties with Substance

So you’ve got the band, the venue, the favors, the games, and the menu all picked out. Think you’re done? You may be. But to make your bat bar mitzvah party truly wonderful consider taking one more step:

Make your party mitzvah-licious.

What do we mean? Make it meaningful. Connect it to the service you’ve just celebrated. Make it not just a generic party celebrating your child but one that ALSO celebrates, specifically, your child’s coming of age into the Jewish community and religion.

Of course you should order all the neon boa feather favors you like. We're not talking about making your party somber and dry. But consider folding into your festivities any or all of the following suggestions:

  • Have your child give a brief speech not only thanking the guests for coming but describing the details of his mitzvah project, how he got interested in it and why it matters to him. Think of it as nourishing your guests: a speech like this allows them to feel connected to your child and to feel your party is linked to something powerful and profound.

  • Connect your centerpieces to your child's mitzvah project or to the general concept of tzedakah (charity). Centerpieces can be created entirely of items to be donated to the needy afterward, or floral centerpieces accented with such items.

  • Alternatively, stick to floral centerpieces which you donate to a nursing home or hospital

  • As an activity, have kids create or decorate items for shut-ins or nursing home residents.

  • Donate your leftover dancefloor giveaways to a children’s hospital or homeless shelter for their next party.

  • Make your menu meaningful, too.