Mitzvah Maids to the Rescue!

Borrow this genius idea from the world of weddings: ask one of your most trusted friends to be the B Mitzvah equivalent of your Maid of Honor -- your Mitzvah Maid. It's a new concept that will benefit you both in wonderful ways:

  • Gives you an extra dollop of emotional, psychological support during this hectic, stressful period. What true friend isn't thrilled to do that?

  • Lets you hand over a small, limited number of logistical tasks to someone who is both willing and able, freeing you to focus on everything else, such as your sanity...

  • Strengthens your relationship forever.

    So just what can you reasonably ask your Mitzvah Maid to help you with? Here are some ideas:

  • Ask her to create welcome bags or baskets for your out-of-town guests and/or deliver them to the hotel manager for distribution. Make clear that you're paying for them -- not her! Less intensive is ordering the baskets online and having them delivered to her house the day before or right to the hotel (see our gift basket selection) but asking her to oversee their arrival and proper distribution. Read more.

  • Carry any outstanding vendor payments on the day of the ceremony. Otherwise, you may end up worrying about the money in your purse instead of the child on the bimah.

  • Help your photographer find the people on your list you'd like photographed.

  • Tote flower arrangements from the synagogue to the party. If it's not too big, the bima arrangement can easily beautify your place card table.

  • Create last minute place cards.

  • Run interference with any AWOL vendors or out-of-line teens.

    Have other ideas? Had a great experience using or being a Mitzvah Maid? Tell us about it at [email protected].