Personalized Custom Bar Bat Mitzvah Postage Stamps

This year, everyone's sending their bar and bat mitzvah invitations with personalized custom postage stamps. Why? Two reasons: one, technology has made them possible and, two, they really enhance and beautify the whole invitation package as well as the meaning, style or theme of your simcha.

Want your own? For free, our designers can custom create a stamp just for you! We can even create personalized mitzvah stamps that perfectly match your invitation. Super-fast turnaround, as well! Here's how:

Not sure how you want to customize your bar bat mitzvah stamp?

1. Check out The eMitz Stamp Shop for ideas.

2. Want something you don't see? E-mail us your color scheme, theme or other ideas. We'll send you back up to 3 customized designs, based on your suggestions!

Let us create a bar bat mitzvah stamp that perfectly matches your invitation. It's free!

1. E-mail us specifying [1] the invitation's brand name and [2] style name or item name. For example, "Checkerboard, Divinity."

2. We'll create the stamp for you and post it on The eMitz Stamp Shop, where you can buy it directly, ready to go! We'll notify you as soon as it's available, usually within 24 hours after we receive your information.

Questions? Feel free to contact us at any time!