Socializing During the Bar Bat Mitzvah Year

Bar and bat mitzvahs come at the most awkward time in anyone's life: seventh grade! Between zits and cliques, hormones and homework, there's practically no room for yet another thing to stress over.

To help, we've got a few solutions:
  • Torah Portion Clubs
    Kids can hang out online -- across town or across time zones -- to discuss their Torah portions. Check it out here.

  • My Mitz Clubs
    We've created a cool place for kids to hang with other kids having B Mitzvahs the same weekend they are! Click here

  • Articles
    See our first in the collection: The Hidden Social Landmines of Hosting a B Mitzvah

    The Hidden Social Landmines of Hosting a B Mitzvah

    David hung up the phone, looking more glum than his mother had ever seen him.

    "What's wrong?" she asked.

    "Adam's busy tonight," David said. "He's going to Jessica's party. So's everyone else, it seems."

    David had been hoping to go to the movies with his friend. But Adam had been invited to a classmate's bat mitzvah -- and David hadn't.

    "Whatever. I don't care," said David, none too convincingly, as he loped back to his room, head hung low.

    As his mother realized, he was now paying the price for that very small, very selective guest list he'd created months earlier for his own B Mitzvah party -- the list that excluded Jessica and many other kids from school. He said he felt certain he only wanted to invite his closest friends. But what he hadn't counted on was the string of weekends, later in the year, where he himself got left out.

    Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Maia was feeling equally blue. Her party was the same night as Jessica's. But Maia's parents hadn't sent out the invitations four months ahead of time, as Jessica's had. So when it came time to RSVP, most of the kids at school (except her best friends) had no choice but to decline her invitation.

    Maia managed to have a wonderful time. But, in the back of her mind, the event was soured by the fact people seemed to have chosen someone else's party over hers.

    Parents have always known about the potential pitfalls involved in hosting any sort of social occasion. Who gets left out? Who can sit next to whom? Less recognized, however, are the many social landmines B Mitzvahs can pose for children.